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The State of Michigan Crime Labs

There is an interesting article on the state of Michigan’s forensic crime labs written by the immediate past direct of the Michigan State Police Forensic Crime Lab, Dr. John Collins.
When Dr. Collins took over the Michigan State Police Crime Lab, he had a major problem on his hands. The Detroit Police Crime Lab had just been shut down and were behind by more than 20,000 tests. Further complicating the matter was the fact that Detroit Lab was effectively abandoned. Everyone left and left the evidence behind in an abandoned building which had been the subject of numerous burglaries. This evidence was effectively useless. Pictures and more information on this can be found in
this 2010 Detroit Free Press article.
Dr. Collin tried to turn the situation behind and reached out to the defense bar. He tried to stop prosecutors from running useless tests so that they could do more with their limited resources. Unfortunately, Dr. Collins suddenly depart in August after winning accreditation for all of Michigan’s State Police run labs. Dr. Collins t
old the Detroit News that his departure was totally voluntary. It is too bad, Dr. Collins was even earning praise from toughest critics -- the criminal defense bar.