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Michigan Legislature is Considering Limited Restoration of Good Time, Disciplinary Credits, or Something Similar

According to Sunday’s Lansing State Journal, the Legislature is considering a proposal by Rep. George Cushingberry (D-Detroit) to reinstitute the "good time" system for nonviolent offenders - a measure that would reduce prison expenditures. It is pending in the House Judiciary Subcommittee. Ten years ago, the Michigan Legislature eliminated Disciplinary Credits in the name of “Truth in Sentencing.” Like their prior attempt to eliminate good time in 1978, this resulted in massive prison building project and bank busting budget. Michigan’s version of Truth in Sentencing is far more unyielding than its federal counterpart. Federal prisoners can earn roughly fifty to sixty days off their sentence per year based on their behavior. As noted elsewhere on this blog, the United States Supreme Court has granted certiorari to resolve just how many days a federal inmate can receive, but the Federal Government also has “truth in sentencing” and their inmates clearly receive some time off their sentence.

Detroit Free Press article reported on November 18th that Governor Granholm stated that she would support some form of good time restoration. To read former Correction Director Robert Brown’s presentation on the cost of Michigan’s Truth in Sentencing Bill, click here. To read the Legislative Summary of the Bill, click here. Click here to visit the Friends of George Cushingberry Blog which contains some information on this bill.