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Four Days!: Supreme Court Denies Leave in Armijo in Record Time!

In late August, our office won a 6.500 appeal that we had been working on for years. In People v Armijo, the Court of Appeals found that the Defendant was denied his right to effective assistance of trial and appellate counsel when neither attorney investigated his defense. We believe that our client is innocent and are delighted with the ruling. It is a must read for anyone working a 6.500 motion because it shows that the deference afforded to trial counsel or appellate counsel’s strategic decision does not require blindness. The Court took a hard look at the proffered strategic decision.The prosecutor was upset with the ruling and appealed the ruling to the Michigan Supreme Court. It took them only four days to turn down the prosecutor’s request. I’ve never seen anything like it. The Court didn’t even give us time to file an answer before turning it down.