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Google Announces Realtime Searches

While most lawyers still most of their on-line research time in their legal research database, but more and more time is spent searching the public internet. Google recently announced a major upgrade to their search engine. Google is now indexing a large portion of the net in real time. This will make Google much more current than it already is. Google has also announced that they will soon be rolling out a visual search tool which will help people sort through the search results much quicker. Click here for more details and for a summary of many other Google developments. Meanwhile, arch rival Microsoft has announced a series of new features for its competitive search engine Bing.

Google Scholar Takes on Westlaw and Lexis

Earlier this week, Google upgraded its “Google Scholar” application to include federal court decisions and California state court decisions. Today I was pleased to see that it now includes many state court decisions including Michigan. While the database is not up to the standards of the commercial services, it is very impressive and given the strength of Google will undoubtedly close the distance quickly.