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Michigan Court of Appeals Reinstates Charges Against Ex-Line Backer

The Michigan Court of Appeals has reinstated a felony unarmed robbery charge against former Michigan State University linebacker SirDarean Adams, concluding that prosecutors presented enough evidence to take the case to trial. People v Adams, Court of Appeals No. 287034. The robbery complainant was a former classmate of the Defendant who testified that he recognized the Defendant and his voice from class. The Defendant presented evidence at the preliminary examination that the Defendant never spoke in class. Defense counsel also got the witness to equivocate on the identification. A lower court judge ruled the victim's identification of his assailant was unclear. On Friday, the Court of Appeals said there was sufficient evidence tying him to the crime to allow the case to proceed.

Adams played in 46 games for MSU in 2004-07. He started every game during the '05 and '06 seasons. A review of the Court of Appeals
docket sheet looks like this Mr. Adams may not have had counsel. His originally attorney as permitted to withdraw and no new counsel’s name appears on the file.