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Goodbye My Legal "Namesake"!

Yesterday Attorney Stuart G. Freedman of the law firm of Freedman, Herskovic, & Sapgnuolo died at his home in West Bloomfield.  He was 73 years old and a very well regarded medical practice attorney.  Since the day I was admitted to practice, our lives have intertwined.  My first office was in downtown around the corner from his.  I got a temporary respite from the confusion when I moved to Ann Arbor.  When I moved to Southfield, we were in the same office tower. 

Because of the name similarity, we were always getting each other's mail and phone calls.  Attorneys who knew the other Stuart always insisted on telling me stories about him. Over the years I learned quite a bit about him from his time at Central Detroit High School to information about his children. I even referred him a few medical malpractice cases.  He was a great guy and will be missed (despite the confusion). Information about his funeral can be found
here. As of this morning, I could not find a formal obituary.

The “Other”Stuart G. Freedman