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Baumer is Acquitted!

Last year I reported on the new trial granted in the Julie Baumer case. Macomb County decided not to appeal and to just give Ms. Baumer a new trial. Represented former prosecutor Carl Marlinga, and Professors Charles Lugosi and Bridget McCormick (of the Michigan Innocence Project), Ms. Baumer was acquitted.

The case caused outrage and a number of attorneys and experts donated their time. The medical evidence presented in the case showed that Ms. Baumer did not commit the crime because there was no crime. The elephant in the room was that the appropriate defense required over $150,000 in attorney and expert time. Very few monied defendants could afford this and it is unlikely that any court appointed team would be funded so well. The original doctors (the ones who referred the case) were predisposed to see child abuse and never ran the tests required to test their premises.