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Huge SADO Win in the US Supreme Court

Congratulations to colleague and friends at the State Appellate Defender’s Office for the wonderful victory in Lafler v Cooper. Lafler reaffirmed that counsel has a duty to convey a plea bargain to a criminal defendant and that failure to do so is not negated by giving the client a fair trial. To quote from SADO’s own blog:

On Wednesday March 21, 2012, the United States Supreme Court released the decision in Lafler v Cooper, finding that habeas relief was warranted due to ineffective assistance of counsel during the plea bargaining stage of the proceedings.  Lafler was argued by SADO Assistant Defender Valerie Newman on October 31, 2011, with Assistant Defender Jacqueline McCann serving as second chair.  The decisions in Lafler, and the related case of Missouri v Frye, are being hailed as "the single greatest revolution in the criminal justice process since provided indigents the right to counsel" - a quote from coverage in the New York Times.  Additional materials and full coverage of events can be found on Scotusblog's website.    

While SADO rightly turns to the New York Times for their praise, I think a better source of the importance of the ruling is to read what our enemies have to say. The Criminal Justice Legal Foundation’s whose mission statement says that their goal is provide reduced rights for criminal defendants. Their blog utterly blasts the ruling and it is authored by no less than their lead counsel
Kent Scheidegger.